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Mekhnes or Meknes ou M'knas !

Founded in the eleventh century when it was chosen as the capital of the empire of Moulay Ismail, Meknes beamed East and Europe experienced in this time period of glory. Add to that its location amidst the beautiful scenery embelissent and offer visitors a view of rare beauty on the Agdal basin.
Meknes is also renowned for the beauty of its monumental doors that make majestic architecture and give a monumental attraction Bab El Bardaine, Bab Jamaa In Nouar ... Visit the imperial city is réelement like a journey through time. Ocher yellow walls hide the traditional souks, silversmiths, wood carvers ...

meknes in MoroccoChosen as the capital by Moulai Smail in 1672, Meknes is a city of excess that had mobilized many artists and architects to create a panorama that makes all its glory today. It is considered as the twin city of Fez seen their many similarities and proximity to each other.

The historic surroundings of Meknes :

Volubilis, the Roman city

A few kilometers from Meknes and within a 2.5 km long walls are the remains of a Roman cited.

An unforgettable view punctuated by six doors that were formerly office gates to a city that was thriving.

Moulay Idriss, the holy city

At about 27 kilometers from Meknes, a small town attracts tourists worldwide. A drawn by the architectural heritage dating from Dynasty Idrissdes part.

Another part is that tributaries of pilgrims throughout the year notemment in late summer.

The weather forecast in Meknes for the next 5 days :

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