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Rabat, The royal city

Rabat was chosen as the administrative capital of Morocco in 1912 by General Lyautey, just after the signing of the treaty of protectorate. It remained the capital of Morocco after 1956: year of the independence of Morocco (more precisely in March).

Rabat experienced over the past decade a true urban transformation by the launching of major projects such as the redevelopment of the Bouregreg valley next to the creation of transport infrastructure such as the tram, poorly developed actually.

It gathers many monuments, museums and historical sites: the Hassan Tower, the necropolis of Challah, oudayas the museum, the museum of contemporary art, the ancient medina street consules ...

historical Overview :

The Almohad built a citadel became the city of Rabat in 1150, now called the Kasbah Oudayas. Overlooking the mouth of bouregreg and visited every day by hundreds of tourists, this place is a historical vestige of the past which is originally a fortress built by the Almoravids in order to fight against attacks. It has been also to step in for the epic Almohad conquest of Andalusia and control the rest of the Maghreb. A city with imposing walls was then built on an area of over four hundred acres. Pierced by monumental gateways to the cited éfalement endowed a mosque which represented at that time a shrine of the Muslim world: the Hassan tower, however, remained unfinished due to earthquake. The importance of Rabat called "Ribat al Fath" decreased considerably after proclaimed Fezas a capital by the Merinids.

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